This is a proof-of-concept experiment for a
"new type of restaurant" where robots
and people work together to solve social challenges.

A future where robots and humans coexist.
A future where robots and humans work together to solve the challenges facing humanity.
Social challenges such as food loss and human resource shortages, as well as sanitation challenges in the Post COVID-19 era. AI_SCAPE is a space where human "love" (pronounced "AI" in Japanese) and robot "AI" coexist in harmony to solve challenges that cannot be solved by humans alone.


The new potential of robots to solve
all kinds of human resource shortages.

AI_SCAPE is a type of restaurant we have only seen in science fiction,
where robots take on all roles in the restaurant to serve customers.
Service provided by robots is different from hospitality provided by humans.
With robots, you can be assured of the same quality of food and service at all times,
regardless of the experience or mood of the chef or waiter.
Experience the next generation of restaurants that can contribute to solving human
resource shortages faced by industries, including the restaurant industry.


Equipment once designed for humans are redesigned to be handled by robots.

Imagine a future where robots are naturally integrated into human life.
From microwave oven buttons to door handles, there are things designed to be used by humans, not robots, and likewise at AI_SCAPE, no equipment is optimized for robots alone.
We redesigned every item in the restaurant, including dishes, trays, and retort pouches, to make them easier for both humans and robots to handle.


High-quality meals are served while they're fresh.
With robots, hygiene is ensured.

Whether it is a human or a robot that provides the meals, what is required of a restaurant is the quality of the meals.
AI_SCAPE offers carefully selected ingredients from here in Japan and around the world.
We offer food in the best and fresh condition with the full of great taste.
What’s more, serving is done by robots, so food hygiene is guaranteed. In addition, heating and serving are done by robots, so food hygiene is ensured.

On the top of that, serving are done by robots too. Robots should be the best solution of "providing delicious meals with guaranteed hygiene".


  • Heating the pouch

    Retort pouches are picked out and heated in a hot water boiler.

  • Cutting the pouch

    Arms are replaced to skillfully cut retort pouches.

  • Setting

    Meals are put on the tray in coordination with the serving robot.

  • Serving meals

    Meals are delivered to your seat by a serving robot.

  • Serving drinks

    Drinks are prepared one at a time by a serving robot.



We sell a variety of Kawasaki official goods, as well as limited and seasonal foods and goods.